Importance of Getting listed in Local Directories

Do you own a business or planning to set up a new one in Australia?


Weather you have already set up a new web hosting business, a filter paper business or have thoughts of starting any other type of business right now, then the online business directories are of great help. It is because when any of your potential customers want to find products/services in your target geography, they find the information on search engines like Google.

Of course, they can search on the web for your brand/company name only if they know something about you. In any case, if you are just about to start a new Indian business in Australia and want the best platform to list it, you need to get listed on a local business directory. If your brand name is too generic to be “brand-able” like “Best Shoes Online” or “Seo Services India“, then you will face difficulties in tracking your brand mentions online.

As a local business, attracting new customers can be a major challenge. Quickly disappearing are the days when people go to the Yellow Pages to find local businesses. Today, people are turning to the internet as a way to find trusted business recommendations.

One way local businesses can get found is through inclusion in online directories. Adding a listing to these online directories is easy, but if you only list in a few, you’re really missing a huge opportunity to get found by online searchers.

As an example, lists all businesses owned / operated by Indians across Australia.

Every individual directory that you submit to is another chance to get found online, so it’s important to make sure you’re listed in every directory possible.

Why Online Listing Directories?

Whether you are seeking to increase your customers, boost online presence or improve traffic, getting listed on local business directories can be of great aid as your business listing page on the respective local directory gets indexed by the search engines and can rank pretty high in results. We all know how important ranking in top positions on search engines is.

What online directories offer?

They give a chance to advertise your business for free or a small listing fee which is quite worth it. They can also help you in:

• Attracting a huge base of customers towards your business
• Reaching people when they want your business to hire
• Marketing your business in a cost effective manner
• Measuring the performance with analytics / tracking mechanism offered by the local directories

With many online directories to choose from, it is wise to start listing with the local directories (country specific directories) first.

For small businesses, local search is likely to drive most of the traffic to your business’s website or physical location. This is why it’s so important to get listed in online business directories that have a quality rank. Adding your business to directories that rank well should give you an extra boost in the SERPs and create quality backlinks to your site – it’s the quality, not the quantity.

Why Local Business Directory Websites Are Your Saviors

Back in the old days, an integral part of any SEO strategy was submitting your website to web and article directories. Google would view these links as evidence that your business is respected and deserving of promotion. But these directory sites started to attract more spam than valuable information, and Google gradually stopped recognizing their authority. However, there are many local business directories that still have great reputations, and Google uses these as “citations,” or trusted sources for information, when deciding how to rank your website. Local search optimization is, therefore, the only remaining valuable SEO tactic that relies heavily on directory submissions.

The online local directories give you countless benefits. Now, have you listed your business in an online local directory yet?

Apple Music loses millions of paid subscribers

Millions of early adopters who signed up for Apple Music dropped the service after the free trial period ended, the company revealed late Monday.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said it had 6.5 million paying users after the 90-day trial ran out for the first wave of users at the end of September.

In August, the company said it had signed up 11 million trial users in the first month of its launch, despite widespread criticism of its design.

Cook indicated that he considers the conversion rate — which would be below 60 per cent — a success for the service 3½ months after its debut.

He said another 8.5 million people are still in the three-month trial period, giving it 15 million users overall.

“I’m really happy about it, and I think the runway here is really good,” Cook said late Monday at the WSJD Live conference in Laguna Beach, Calif.

By comparison, 7-year-old Spotify, the music streaming leader, has more than 20 million paid subscribers worldwide and 75 million total users.

The tech giant is hoping Apple Music will continue its iTunes dominance as a growing number of users, in particular younger listeners, opt for streaming services over paid downloads.

Lawsuit Against India’s Narendra Modi Dismissed by US Court

A US judge has dismissed a lawsuit charging Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with crimes against humanity during the 2002 Gujarat riots.

The New York-based judge upheld the US government’s contention that Mr Modi was entitled to immunity as a sitting head of government.

A rights group filed the civil suit against Mr Modi in September on the eve of his maiden visit to the US.

More than 1,000 people, mostly Muslims, were killed in the religious riots.

The riots were sparked by a fire on a train at Godhra in Gujarat that killed 59 Hindu pilgrims.

Mr Modi, who was the chief minister of Gujarat at the time of the riots, came under intense criticism for his handling of the riots. Human rights groups say he failed to take measures to prevent retribution against Muslims. TOP Hosting.

Mr Modi has denied any wrongdoing and Indian courts have cleared him of all charges.

In September, The American Justice Centre filed a lawsuit against Mr Modi, which claimed that he did nothing to stop the riots.

The 28-page complaint also charged the prime minister with “committing crimes against humanity, extra-judicial killings, torture and inflicting mental and physical trauma on the victims, mostly from the Muslim community”.

Judge Analisa Torres’s dismissal of the lawsuit comes ahead of a planned visit to Delhi by US President Barack Obama to attend India’s Republic Day celebrations on 26 January at Mr Modi’s invitation.

The US and European countries boycotted Mr Modi for more than a decade after the riots Web Hosting, but have largely embraced him after he led his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to a landslide election win last year.

Mr Modi visited the US in September and held talks with Mr Obama, where the two leaders called for a “new agenda” between the two countries.

Australia wait on Clarke’s fitness

Michael Clarke’s hopes of leading Australia in the Adelaide Test will depend on how his hamstring holds up at training over the next few days. Clarke ran at the SCG on Friday and was due to fly to Adelaide later in the afternoon to join his team-mates, who had their first group training session since they farewelled Phillip Hughes at a funeral in Macksville on Wednesday.

Clarke had delivered an emotional tribute to Hughes at the iRechargeOnline funeral and spent many days with the Hughes family both at St Vincent’s Hospital while Hughes was in an induced coma, and in Macksville after he died. He would dearly love to lead the Australians out in their first Test of the summer on Tuesday, but it remains to be seen whether his hamstring will be up to the task.

A fortnight ago it appeared that Clarke was certain to be ruled out of the Gabba Test due to his injury, and while the reworked schedule has given him an extra five days before the first Test of the season, he has been unable to do most of his recovery work in that time. Shaun Marsh was added to Australia’s Test squad on Thursday and coach Darren Lehmann said Clarke’s availability would depend on the next few days.

“As long as he’s fine to do the running and can bat [he’ll play],” Lehmann told reporters in Adelaide on Friday. “He flies in this afternoon. We’ll get him batting tomorrow and see how he goes. It’ll be case of if he’s fine, he’ll play. We’ll just have to wait and see. We’ll be guided by medical staff, the captain himself, selectors. We’ll get together and assess what the plan is tomorrow.”

Clarke referred to Hughes as his “little brother” and the two men were very close friends; the captain’s emotions were evident as he choked back tears while delivering his tribute on Wednesday. However, Lehmann said he was confident that Clarke would be mentally ready to lead the side against India on Tuesday, if he was passed fit.

“He’s pretty mentally strong, as you saw throughout the week,” Lehmann said. “He held himself together really well and led the team really well.”

Frontlines of Kolkata’s seedy underbelly

ELIZABETH JACKSON: The Indian city of Kolkata is regarded as the country’s centre of education and higher culture.

But below the city’s highbrow reputation lurks a seedy underbelly.

Kolkata is also home to India’s largest red light district, where thousands of sex workers ply their trade.

Many come into business after being sold to human traffickers.

It’s a miserable existence for many but there are those doing their bit to make the lives of the women a little brighter.

The ABC’s South Asia correspondent was recently in Kolkata and caught up with Urmi Basu, a woman who has dedicated her life to helping sex workers and their families.

MICHAEL EDWARDS: Kolkata’s red light district is notorious across South Asia. An estimated 16,000 sex workers service around 40,000 clients a day here.

As the sun goes down, the women and sometimes men, come out on to the streets looking for customers.

The deals are done discreetly. Words are exchanged and then the man, as the clients usually are, follows the sex worker to a dingy building where the transaction takes place.

I watched this activity taking place from a vantage point on top of a building. Let me just say business seemed to be booming.

But the sleazy side of the red light district is only one aspect of it.

Beyond the prostitution and the exploitation, Kolkata’s red light district is also home to a thriving community.

The women here might make their money as sex workers but if you ask them what their real job is, more often than not they’ll tell you they’re mothers working to keep their families together.

It’s a tough situation for these women and one that most people in more comfortable circumstances would find it hard to relate to.

But not Urmi Basu.

This quite remarkable woman gave up her comfortable upper-middle class existence to help.

Back in the year 2000 she founded New Light, an organisation dedicated to helping the women and girls being exploited in the sex trade.

URMI BASU: A child from the village has no education. She’s a young woman, has no education, and in the process of being trafficked she’s raped multiple times. She’s forced into a brothel. She’s forced into a life that she had never even had the worst nightmare of.

MICHAEL EDWARDS: Most of the women end up in their predicament because of human traffickers.

They’re sold to the brothels after being tricked by the traffickers – they offer them jobs and sometimes marriage.

These women come from the poorest areas of Online Mobile Recharge.

Literally tens of thousands of them have found themselves being forced into the sex trade.

URMI BASU: See we cannot talk about trafficking as an issue without addressing issues of poverty and livelihood.

So wherever there is poverty, families are always looking for opportunities to make some extra money, and the girls are sent off with the hope that they’d be sending some money back.

They realise the child’s been trafficked or sold only once the money stops coming. So otherwise it’s like a work contract. Somebody comes from the big city and offers a job, and families are quite, pretty unsuspecting. They think ‘yes, it can’t happen to my child.’

This has been the general norm.

MICHAEL EDWARDS: Official estimates say the trade is worth billions of dollars a year.

Most of that goes to organized crime and those feeding off them. The sex workers see very little of it.

New Light is far from the only NGO dealing with Kolkata’s sex workers.

Others do great working trying to stop the human traffickers, and others are dedicated to goals such as improving health standards

Urmi Basu says her approach is pragmatic. She’s against human trafficking but is also realistic when it comes to the women her organisation looks after.

URMI BASU: There are some organisations that focus most of their energy on catching the perpetrators, you know, punishing the traffickers. They’re focused on conviction. And there are few other groups who consider the lives of the survivors. The victims first and then survivors of immense value and all the energy is spent on rehabilitating them. But the question is: how do you do it?

Rehabilitation in this situation, this scenario is a term, I mean people use it very loosely and very casually but it is a long term commitment.

MICHAEL EDWARDS: New Light runs care centres for the children of the sex workers and provides opportunities for training in other occupation for those who want to leave their lives on the streets.

Urmi Basu is humble about her achievements but it’s clear to see her work has had an impact and gained international acclaim.

There are pictures her with international leaders such as Hillary Clinton, and volunteers come from a range of Western countries to help.

According to Urmi Basu, ultimately what keeps women being forced into prostitution is the men who keep paying for sex.

She says unless there is the political will to end the trade then it’s unlikely the exploitation of women in places such as Kolkata will ever end.

URMI BASU: Not in some time soon, not in a hurry. It’s not a priority. And most of us take it for granted as an ordinary way of life.

MICHAEL EDWARDS: India’s government is getting tougher bringing in new laws to combat human trafficking.

But as Urmi Basu says, as long as there is the demand, there will be always those willing to supply it.

This is Michael Edwards reporting from Kolkata for Correspondents Report.

National Architecture Conference Perth Australia

Held annually, the National Architecture Conference is a major event of the Australian Institute of Architects and is attended by over 1000 delegates.

8 to 10 May 2014
Perth Convention Centre
21 Mounts Bay Road, Perth

Secure your ticket today at

With the 2014 National Architecture Conference being held in Perth it’s time to start making plans! For the best prices, we highly recommend getting in as early as possible with flights and accommodation. We’ll tweet about any specials we come across so be sure to keep your eye on #making2014. Don’t forget to book before the early bird registrations close to save 20% off your registration, SEO Company India.

The Conference Fringe Events will run between Thursday 8 May and Sunday 11 May. Architectural tours, exhibitions and related performances are being organized, as well a range of SONA and EmAGN events. The opening party will be held on Thursday 8 May with the conference sessions being held on Friday and Saturday. There will be closing drinks held directly after the conference. Most fringe events will be held in the city centre.

Visit for all the information on the Conference, including speakers, fringe events, accommodation deals and tickets.

2015 Conference Creative Director/s

The 2015 Creative Director/s will be announced at the 2014 National Architecture Conference: Making.


Speech Pathology Australia Conference May 2014

Online Conference Program and Registration is now available

The Speech Pathology Australia connections: client*clinician*context 2014 National Conference program is now available.

It is recommended you read through the program before proceeding to the online registration process. By doing so you will have the opportunity to view the sessions on offer, each day, prior to making your selection.  Once you have selected your sessions you can then proceed to the online registration link found on page 28.  Some sessions will be limited to room size and workshop presenters have set attendance numbers.

The Conference Planning Committee (CPC) together with the Scientific Program Sub-Committee (SPSC) have endeavoured to put a program together that will be beneficial and enjoyable to everyone.

Registration Fee
Remember to renew your SPA membership (or if you are not a member, please consider doing so), to obtain the member registration fee. Our system automatically determines the registration fee from your membership status.If you are a SPA member, you will need to log on using your SPA user name and password – please do not create a new account or you will not be recognized as a current member and your fee will appear at Non Member rates. Non-SPA members who have not previously created a SPA account, need to go to “Create Account” to proceed with registration.
Credit Card
Credit Card payment is the only form of online payment offered (MasterCard & Visa). The tax receipt and confirmation of registration will be emailed to you within one hour of registration.
Social events included within  payment of your
Registration Fee
 1. Full Practicing member and Non member registrations automatically include a ticket to the Welcome Reception Sunday and Conference Dinner Wednesday.
 2. Full registrations for Full-time post graduate students, re­–entry, non practising and students (entry level ie: Graduate entry masters and UG bachelor students) automatically includes the Welcome Reception only.
 3. Tickets for the Conference Dinner or additional Welcome Reception tickets can be purchased online with your registration.
scrolling during selection of
Conference sessions need to be selected during the registration process. Please note that after each heading selection the screen will revert to the top and you will need to scroll down. If you click  the information regarding the presentation will appear at the top left side of the screen. In some instances you will need to scroll up.
Associate Professions
may access
Member rates
Associate Professions = Working outside of Australia and a member of an associate profession.If you have attended a previous Speech Pathology Australia Conference, you will already have a Username and Password. Vodafone Online Recharge. If you do not remember this information, click Sign in, and select the-forgot my password or my username and follow the process.Associate Professions attending the Conference for the first time click the Create a new account and follow the process.  Once completed you will be returned to the log in page, on the bottom left corner is the Associate Professions section.  Select the required information form and enter the relevant membership information.  Once completed Associate Professions can register and will be offered the Member rates. Proof of membership must be emailed to to finalise the registration.However, if you are currently working in Australia and not a SPA member, please contact Pamela Richards, National Conference Manager, 
If you require
special assistance
or have a dietary requirement…
Please ensure you complete the relevant section on the online registration. To assist with your request the information will be passed onto a third party.

Delta and OTG provide iPads at airports and you can order food to your gate

IT WAS the tech experiment that took off. Free iPad access in major international airports that allows you to check your flight’s status, use Facebook, check emails and even order your food to be delivered to you while you wait.

That’s right, you can sit at the departure gates, logon to a complimentary iPad and order your meal to be delivered to you AT THE GATES.

American food and beverage operator OTG paid $50 million to remake the Delta terminals at New York’s LaGuardia, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Toronto Pearson airports. Re-designing the airports with iPads, customers were able to order customised meals prepared fresh and served within 15 minutes or less.

So is this the ultimate in laziness or is it enhancing the travel experience?

While it’s good to stretch the legs before a long-haul flight, the system does have its perks. No trawling through depressing food courts, no “get to the gate” anxiety, no missing your flight or your name being called for standby.

Launched in 2012 with 2500 iPads, the number was increased to 7000 at the end of last year following the service’s increasing popularity. CEO of OTG, Rick Blatstein, told the New York Times that he was intrigued by the revenue potential of all that space at the boarding gates, previously filled with people with nothing to do but wait.

Delta and OTG found that the devices allowed them to serve travellers with “gate anxiety” — a preference for waiting by the gate instead of wandering through the terminal and shopping.

With the iPads, travellers can still sit near the gate but order food or products from their seats and have them delivered. “If that’s where they like to be, let’s create an experience there,” said Gail Grimmett, senior vice president for Delta in New York speaking to the New York Times .

Government lives up to its commitment to people with disabilities.

“Locking in future funding for the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the Gonski Education Reforms is a serious and immensely exciting investment in the future of people with disabilities, their families and for all Australians” said Andrea Simmons, Chief Executive Officer of Disability Advocacy Network Australia.

“The 2013-2014 Budget has delivered the certainty and security of access to reasonable and necessary supports required by people with disabilities to allow them to get on with the business of planning for their futures in the same way as other Australians.

Children with disabilities are to be afforded the opportunity to receive a decent education, tailored to their circumstances and the chance to fulfill their potential and pursue their dreams in the same way as other children.

These are vital reforms, a very long time in the making, that have resulted from the government taking the time to truly listen to the experiences and often heartbreaking stories of people with disabilities and their families.

These are reforms that have the potential to transform the future for people with disabilities, and in doing so transform our communities into more accepting, and welcoming places for all Australians. In the future more people with disabilities will take positions of leadership, be employed, attend mainstream schools and contribute to the richness of our community life. In the future more of their family members will be able to do the same.

All the members of a society do better when no one group is left behind, when all are supported to contribute to and share in the growth, development and prosperity of a community. There is now a large body of social and economic research to attest to this.

DANA now calls on the Coalition, Greens and Independents to support the proposed Budget measures or to release their plans for assuring sustainable funding for DisabilityCare Australia and the education reforms into the future.

Finally, DANA would like to acknowledge the Government for recognizing the right of people with disabilities to independent advocacy support to challenge decisions of Disability Care Australia before a dedicated Tribunal. Independent review mechanisms and advocacy support to effectively pursue review are vital quality controls so additional budgetary measures to address these matters are most welcome” Ms Simmons said.

Making Links

How to Apply

For the Conference

1. Register and pay for the MakingLinks Conference by clicking on the following link
then click on Register.

2. Make your travel and accommodation booking by separate payment.

For the Lotterywest Scholarship

3. Print and complete the Expression of Interest Scholarship Form overleaf. Please
ensure an authorised delegate of your organisation signs the form.

4. Insert your completed Expression of Interest Form into an envelope marked
“Confidential” and forwarded by mail to:

Lotterywest Scholarship
Making Links Conference
Community Sector Services
PO BOX 8251
Perth Business Centre WA 6849

5. Scholarship Expressions of Interest will be evaluated by a panel.

6. You will be advised of the outcome by Friday 5 November 2010.

7. Successful applicants will be asked to provide an invoice and receipts.

Lotterywest Scholarship Terms and Conditions

Up to $1,000 (including GST) is available per delegate to support the costs of the
MakingLinks conference registration, travel and accommodation expenses, subject to
panel review.

A maximum of two people per organisation may apply. SEO Services Bangalore

For successful applicants reimbursement is subject to Community Sector Services
receiving your organisation’s tax invoice and relevant receipts (originals only).

For further enquiries contact: Sumit Dutta, ICT Program Manager on 0414 715 600.

SEO Company Bangalore

Making Links Australia