Government lives up to its commitment to people with disabilities.

“Locking in future funding for the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the Gonski Education Reforms is a serious and immensely exciting investment in the future of people with disabilities, their families and for all Australians” said Andrea Simmons, Chief Executive Officer of Disability Advocacy Network Australia.

“The 2013-2014 Budget has delivered the certainty and security of access to reasonable and necessary supports required by people with disabilities to allow them to get on with the business of planning for their futures in the same way as other Australians.

Children with disabilities are to be afforded the opportunity to receive a decent education, tailored to their circumstances and the chance to fulfill their potential and pursue their dreams in the same way as other children.

These are vital reforms, a very long time in the making, that have resulted from the government taking the time to truly listen to the experiences and often heartbreaking stories of people with disabilities and their families.

These are reforms that have the potential to transform the future for people with disabilities, and in doing so transform our communities into more accepting, and welcoming places for all Australians. In the future more people with disabilities will take positions of leadership, be employed, attend mainstream schools and contribute to the richness of our community life. In the future more of their family members will be able to do the same.

All the members of a society do better when no one group is left behind, when all are supported to contribute to and share in the growth, development and prosperity of a community. There is now a large body of social and economic research to attest to this.

DANA now calls on the Coalition, Greens and Independents to support the proposed Budget measures or to release their plans for assuring sustainable funding for DisabilityCare Australia and the education reforms into the future.

Finally, DANA would like to acknowledge the Government for recognizing the right of people with disabilities to independent advocacy support to challenge decisions of Disability Care Australia before a dedicated Tribunal. Independent review mechanisms and advocacy support to effectively pursue review are vital quality controls so additional budgetary measures to address these matters are most welcome” Ms Simmons said.

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